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The Types Of Modeling You Didn’t Know Existed



By Calynn M. Lawrence

When you think of someone who has a modeling career, what is naturally the first thing that comes to your mind? No doubt, it is someone who is ripping the runway in the latest apparel fashions. Although that is indeed one of the most popular forms of modeling, it is not the only type of modeling out there! This article is going to enlighten you of three different types of modeling that you likely did not know existsed!


Now, in fashion modeling the models are typically very clean and plain in terms of any body modifications. This is because the focus is meant to be on the clothing and not on their aesthetic enhancements. It is best for them to look as natural as possible. However, the industry of alternative modeling is the exact opposite! This form of modeling focuses on the more extreme and artistically inspired type of indivdual. Alternative modeling celebrates the idea of being physically unique and using your body as a canvas. Thus, those with piercings, tattoos or odd physical features are urged to indulge. Think of this as the sarcastic reply to society’s typical clean cut image of a fashion model.


Body modeling is often times done for commercial use. This is the type of modeling in whic a particular company uses one’s specific physical feature to enhance the odds of consumers buying their product. This is often times done with celebrities. For example, Jennifer Lopez is known for being a hair model for L,Oreal Paris. Her long silky locs attract the attention of fans and onlookers. This in turn makes them believe that the hair care products that are being advertsied will cause their hair to be just as luxurious as hers. Another example would be hand models. Surprisingly, hand models recieve a lot of work from nail polish ads to jewelry stores.


Artistsic modeling is when someone is used as a basis for a painting or drawing, typically in an art class. This person is paid to be observed and recreated on canvas or paper so as to aid in the creative process and provide a visual form that the artist can use as a basis for their composition. Many of times these types of models are thought to be nude, however, there are many who pose fully clothed. It all depends on the type of setting that they are modeling for.

There you have it. These were three forms of modeling that are becoming increasingly popular but many are still unaware. If you fit any of these categories then pursuing something in these genres may be the secret to sky rocketing your prospective fashion career.


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